Midlink brings you the wide range of industrial standard air curtains, high grade pvc strip curtains, efficient fly killers, eco friendly hand dryers, automatic shoe shiners and hygiene related products like automatic Urinal flushers, perfume dispensers and soap dispensers.

Air Curtains

Air curtains or air doors provide an invisible barrier with strong airflow, which is widely used in areas where doors are required to stay open for operational purposes, like warehouses, loading docks and vehicle entrances.  We are the manufacturers of Air curtains in Chennai, involved in research, design and development of Air curtains for the past 2 decades, come, take a look at our range of commercial air curtains. Air Curtains

PVC Strip Curtains

PVC Strip Curtains or PVC Strip Doors is made of overlapping strips of PVC that function as a flexible wall, which prevents from all pollutants, noise, insects and facilitates climate control. It also provides a clean and comfortable work space, and highly efficient in terms of cost and energy. We are the suppliers of all kinds of industrial pvc strip curtains, take a look at our wide range of PVC strip curtains PVC Strip Curtains

Fly Killers

Fly killers are used in the areas that demand pest control such as flies, wasps and moths. Designed and Crafted using high quality materials, Midlink Fly killers provides maximum protection from all kinds of flying insects. Perfect insect killer for home, office and commercial uses. Fly Killers

Hand Dryers

Hand dryers are electrical devices, widely used to dry hands, and operate manually or automatically through infra-red sensor. Hand dryer is an effective way to cut cost on electricity and paper towels, which practically eliminates the solid paper waste. Electrical Hand dryers has a major impact on the environment by saving trees, that is cut down to make paper, and removes the wastage generated during the production and manufacturing process of paper towels. We have models ranging from commercial hand dryers to aesthetically pleasing washroom and restroom hand dryers. Hand Dryers

Shoe shining machine

Midlink Automatic Shoe Shining machine for a perfect polish and shine that maintains and improves the appearance of your shoe, in a hassle free way. Built from quality components, our Shoe polishing machine will blend perfectly with the design and ambience of your environment. Shoe Shiners

We are also the manufacturers and suppliers of various products related to health and hygiene like Soap dispensers, Paper Dispensers, Perfume/Aerosol dispensers, Sensor taps, Urinal Flushers and Stainless Steel Bins.

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